Smartcard admin portal (CIS) upgrade


The Care Identity Service (CIS), is the national online system for management of NHS Smartcards. CIS will be moving to an online ‘cloud-based’ environment to improve system performance and user experience. Smartcard Registration Authorities (RAs) also use the CIS to manage and make changes to Smartcards.

NHS Digital has confirmed that an upgrade is scheduled to take place from 6.30pm on Friday 7th May 2021 through to 8.00pm on Monday 10th May 2021. This means that some parts of the CIS may not run as expected and it is suggested if you wish to apply changes to your Smartcard using CIS to do so before or after the upgrade. During the upgrade, CIS may not function as expected. EPS and Smartcard authentication within PMR systems will continue to run as usual. In the unlikely event that you experience a different unusual EPS issue with your Smartcard – flag this to your system supplier by email using the EPS escalation routes.

Read more about Smartcards and CIS: Smartcards and CIS.


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