Some chemists have stopped stocking life-saving drugs

Daily Mail

Community pharmacy owners have been raising concerns about significant increases in the prices of vital medicines, which the NHS is not fully reimbursing them for dispensing.

An article in the Daily Mail is part of the paper’s ongoing campaigning work on behalf of pharmacy, which we are supporting.

Chief Executive Janet Morrison said:

“Community pharmacies are able to provide so much more in terms of additional health services, helping to free up the backlog of GP appointments and support people with a range of conditions. However, the current pharmacy funding levels — which have reduced by 30 per cent since 2015 — mean they’re operating with one hand tied behind their backs.”

Pharmacy owner and East of England Regional Representative for PSNC, Anil Sharma, said:

“Some of our staff are having to go to food banks due to the reduction in hours and the amount we can afford to pay them.”


I am a pharmacist. This is why some chemists have stopped stocking life-saving drugs | Daily Mail