Strengthening the Sector: A video message from PSNC’s CEO

PSNC Chief Executive Janet Morrison has recorded a video message for community pharmacy contractors about her personal reflections on the proposals for the future of PSNC and LPCs made by the Pharmacy Representation Review Steering Group (RSG).

In the video, Janet recognises the proposals as sensible and practical steps that any modern and forward-thinking sector should be taking. She thinks that their core aims to strengthen governance and representation are important, whilst also helping align pharmacy’s structures with the changing NHS landscape. Janet explains that more resources for PSNC will help strengthen its negotiating strategy and improve the level of support it can provide, whilst LPCs will be able to share innovation and best practice across different regions. Ultimately, this will all lead to better outcomes for contractors.

Janet concludes that a yes vote would mark a positive change for the future, demonstrating a willingness to move forward together, thereby strengthening the legitimacy and credibility of the sector.

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