Take part in NHS website pharmacy profile research


NHS Digital is planning improvements to the NHS website pharmacy profile editor and needs pharmacy feedback. NHS Digital is inviting pharmacy teams to participate in this process by taking part in research interviews.

Participants will take part in a short video call in which they will test a prototype version of the pharmacy profile editor and be asked to give their honest opinion. These video interviews will take place on the 30th June and on the 1st, 2nd and 5th July 2021. The NHS website team will schedule a time on one of these days that is convenient for you.

NHS Digital would especially like to hear from those who do not typically adopt digital technologies early as this will better enable them make the profile editor easy to use for all pharmacy staff.

How to get involved?

To volunteer to take part in one of these interviews or for more information, please contact it@cpe.org.uk, who can provide additional information or connect you to the NHS website research team.

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