Take part in PSNC’s Pharmacy Pressures Survey


PSNC is increasingly hearing from pharmacy teams who are struggling to cope with ongoing financial and operational pressures, and who are concerned about the impact that the strain on the sector will ultimately have on patients.  

We are continuing to raise this with policy-makers, making clear the consequences that their decisions are having. To further support those discussions, we have today launched two surveys to gather more data on the pressures that everyone working in community pharmacy is under and the impact that this is having.  

The surveys will give us a snapshot of the scale of the problems and the results will be used in our ongoing discussions with NHS England & NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and Social Care. They will also help us to continue to make pharmacy’s case in our conversations with MPs, Ministers and through the national media.  

The surveys are both as short as possible and should take around 15 minutes to complete.

There are two separate surveys for:

  1. Pharmacy business owners/head office representatives
    This survey covers the pressures being experienced by businesses, looking at the overall running of the pharmacy business including financial and staffing pressures. Please note that only one representative from each pharmacy business should complete this survey – please check this is the case before doing so.
  1. Pharmacy teams
    This survey covers the day-to-day pressures experienced by pharmacy teams including supply chain issues, patient interactions/experience and staff morale.

Independent contractors or pharmacy owners who also work day-to-day in a pharmacy are encouraged to complete both surveys.

We very much appreciate your support in completing these surveys, particularly at this very busy time.

Zoe Long, PSNC’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs, said:

“Community pharmacies are facing a growing range of pressures and challenges at the moment, and the continuing exceptional levels of service being provided in pharmacies are testament to the huge efforts being made by everyone working in them. But we believe that managing so many spinning plates is having serious consequences for the wellbeing of some pharmacy teams, as well as storing up yet more problems for businesses and their patients in the future.  

“We have given this message to Government and to the NHS time and time again, and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that they understand the very serious consequences that the decisions they make are having. Data always helps us to make our case, and these surveys will provide us with further evidence to support our arguments – both in our ongoing discussions, and through public and Parliamentary forums.  

“It is with regret that we add yet another item to pharmacy teams’ to do lists, but we have kept our surveys as short as possible and the more responses we can gather, the more impactful our data and arguments will be. Thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time to fill in these surveys.”

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