Update on the weight management health campaign

The delayed weight management health campaign, which was due to start on 4th January 2022, will now start next week when community pharmacy contractors receive their campaign materials.

The campaign, which is the third mandated campaign agreed for 2021/2022 by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) and PSNC, should run for five weeks with the start date being the date on which the pharmacy receives their campaign materials.

The campaign materials will be delivered by Yodel to pharmacies between 11th-14th January 2022. If contractors have not received their campaign materials by 15th January 2022, they should email  partnerships@phe.gov.uk with ‘Weight Management Pharmacy Packs’ in the subject line and include their pharmacy name and address in the email.

The campaign resource pack includes a guidance leaflet to support community pharmacy teams’ conversations with patients and display materials. Social media and digital resources for the campaign are also available on the Campaign Resource Centre website.

Contractors will not be required to record the number of people to whom information is provided or any additional information for the weight management campaign.

Contractors are reminded that as part of the Healthy living support domain of the 2021/22 Pharmacy Quality Scheme, pharmacy teams are required to proactively discuss weight management with a minimum of 25 patients and refer at least one patient (who meets the criteria for referral) to either a Local Authority funded tier 2 weight management service or the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme. Pharmacy teams could therefore consider using the campaign materials as a conversation starter to assist them with meeting these requirements.

Final health campaign for 2021/22

The final mandated health campaign for 2021/2022 will be on smoking cessation. Due to the delay of the weight management campaign, this will now start a week later than originally planned and will run from 28th February to 31st March 2022. PSNC will alert contractors through their normal communications channels when further information on this campaign is available.

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