Updates to SSP014 Salazopyrin® EN-Tabs 500mg and SSP017 Lipitor®20mg chewable tablets

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has provided the following updates on the Serious Shortage Protocols (SSPs) for Salazopyrin® EN-Tabs 500mg (SSP014) and Lipitor® 20mg chewable tablets (SSP017).

Salazopyrin® EN-Tabs 500mg (SSP014)

Due to the improving supply situation for Salazopyrin® EN-Tabs 500mg, the expiry date for SSP014 has been brought forward. SSP014 was expected to expire on 22 April 2022 but will now end earlier on Friday 1 April 2022. For further information on SSP014 please click here.

Lipitor® 20mg chewable tablets (SSP017)

SSP017 for Lipitor® 20mg chewable tablets was previously expected to expire on 30 March 2022 but the end date has been further extended to Wednesday 13 April 2022. For further information on SSP017 please click here.

For further information on current SSPs, click here.

Pharmacy owners are reminded of the requirement to complete the 2023 workforce survey, which is a mandatory requirement for all pharmacy owners. The survey will close on Sunday 17th December 2023.

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