Verifying your NHS Profile Manager profile

Ahead of the 31st March 2024 deadline, we would like to remind pharmacy owners of the need to update NHS Profile Manager to ensure that their pharmacy’s NHS website and Directory of Service (DoS) profile information is up to date.

The NHS Terms of Service require pharmacy owners to check that their opening hours, contact information, facilities and services information are up to date for each profile, each financial quarter. You should mark each module as verified even if is there is no change required to the information.

This reminder is being issued slightly earlier than normal for two reasons:

1. Providing new services

We have been advised by NHS England that several pharmacy owners who have registered for the Lateral Flow Device (LFD) service have not updated NHS Profile Manager to show that they are providing the service.

If this is the case for your pharmacy, it will not be visible on your pharmacy’s NHS website profile that the pharmacy is providing the service.

If you are registered to provide the LFD service, please check that you have updated NHS Profile Manager to show that you provide this service, as well as ensuring your other* service information is up to date.

2. Easter

There is also a Terms of Service requirement to ensure that a pharmacy’s NHS website profile and DoS profile include their opening hours on Bank Holidays, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Since Easter falls at the end of March/start of April this year, pharmacy owners could also consider updating/verifying this information now to ensure this is available well ahead of the Easter period.

*Pharmacy First is not visible as a service providing by pharmacies in NHS Profile Manager, as was the case for the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service.

How to register and update/verify your profile

Register for the NHS Profile Manager, if you haven’t already with your personal NHSmail address. You’ll need NHSmail to use NHS Profile Manager. If NHSmail related support is required please refer to the guidance below. If you have already registered then proceed to update/verify your NHS Profile Manager pharmacy profile now.

Further information and support

Our NHS Profile Manager webpage: including information and FAQs

NHS Profile Manager team: tutorial videos on YouTube


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