Worrying trend of pharmacy closures in England


Following the closure of 237 Lloyds pharmacies in Sainsbury’s stores this week, we provided temporary and permanent closures data as well as a comment from our CEO to the Mirror.

Chief Executive Janet Morrison, said:

“Our analysis highlights a very worrying trend of pharmacy closures over the past few years. It is a stark indicator of just how much community pharmacy owners are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. Pharmacies are being chronically underfunded, with funding being cut by 30% over the past seven years in real terms: combined with escalating costs, this has led to more extreme pressures on pharmacies than ever before.

Thousands of people rely on their local community pharmacy every day, so when any pharmacy closes the impact on patients and local communities is simply devastating. Other pharmacies locally are loaded with even more pressures as a result, and other local health services may also see an increase in demand from patients. Ultimately, patients should not have to feel the impact of these closures – they need access to vital pharmacy services. An urgent funding uplift is needed for community pharmacies before the consequences are felt by more and more patients across the country.”


Janet was also interviewed by the Mirror about the worrying trend of closures in the country and shared some thoughts about the future of community pharmacy.

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