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Community Pharmacies in Bury will support the ‘Find & Treat’ Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation outcomes in Bury through the targeted opportunistic screening of people within defined inclusion criteria.
Patients identified as at risk of developing Hypertension will receive brief advice on reducing their future risk of cardiovascular disease by addressing their modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease (such as excess weight, dietary salt or alcohol), supporting a strategy of self- care.
Patients with elevated blood pressure (BP) will undergo a structured follow up with healthy lifestyle advice over 5-10 weeks aiming to reduce BP where possible with lifestyle interventions. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) will be used where appropriate. Those patients with resistant BP will be referred to GP for confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment initiation as appropriate.
Patients with an irregular pulse will be referred to their GP for confirmation of an Atrial Fibrillation diagnosis and treatment initiation as appropriate.
Community Pharmacies in Bury can support with the ‘Treat’ element of the service and this service specification will be updated once this has been scoped and planned.

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Greater Manchester LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Start date: 22/07/2019
End date: 31/03/2020




Pharmacists must complete the required pre-reading prior to attending a training session hosted by CHL and complete any associated competency assessment/declaration following the training session.
The training will include:

  • Introduction, objectives & rationale for the provision of the service
  • Service delivery overview
  • How to use testing equipment, including ABPM
  • Results interpretation
  • Patient Activation Measure
  • Patient recruitment & promotion
  • How to record data, outcomes and claim payment in PharmOutcomes®


This service is available in Bury only.