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The purpose of this initiative is to try and improve engagement of a difficult to reach and marginalised client group, who have a diagnosis of Hepatitis C, but are unlikely or have previously struggled to engage with traditional healthcare pathways. We aim integrate service delivery alongside client’s current attendance to collect OST, and facilitate their ability to engage, commence and comply with treatment.

Our pathway hopes to eliminate concerns over medication wastage and loss, which currently plays a significant role in treatment failure. It also supports limited unnecessary face to face attendance, which often results in clients not attending and falling out of treatment.

Treatment is currently only offered in 4 weekly packs for the duration of an 8- or 12-week regimen. We now have the capacity to split these packs where needed, into weekly dossette packs, therefore avoiding dispensing in large volumes that increases risk of treatment failure if lost. It also provides simpler and more psychologically digestible goals during treatment.

Treatment collection will be structured on an individual basis, based upon personal circumstance.
Consent is gained from clients to engage onto this pathway and then also obtained from the local pharmacy to understand their capacity and willingness to support. Invoicing sheets are provided for a point of documentation on receiving and handing out medication.

Local pharmacies are not asked to dispense, but to provide a safe place of address, and collection point, where clients are already actively engaged. Facilitating client’s ability to access and complete treatment. Pharmacies hold no personal responsibility for deliveries received and overall accountability remains with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. 

Clients often have good rapport and relationships with their local pharmacy and feel comfortable within this environment. Our service aim is to capitalise upon this to support more equitable access to a cure for hepatitis

There is no need to sign up for this service. Each pharmacy will be contacted by  SHEFFIELD TEACHING HOSPITALS NHS FOUNDATION TRUST for a client that is known to be positive and who is ready for treatment. Mostly these clients will already attend the pharmacy for OST collection, and will just look to gain consent to ensure they are happy to receive drugs and have capacity to support.

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