Services Database Domiciliary Medicine Use Reviews Pilot (Across Leicestershire & Rutland and Lincolnshire – 2 LPCs involved)

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Please note this service is commissioned across Leicestershire & Lincolnshire by NHS England Midlands and East (Central Midlands). Therefore, the following LPCs have the same minor ailment service in their areas:

  • Leicestershire & Rutland
  • Lincolnshire

The service has only been added onto the Services Database under this entry to avoid duplication.

A service for the provision of Medicine Use Reviews in the home setting rather than in the pharmacy for long term conditions patients who are housebound and unable to attend the pharmacy for a review.

People should be unable to attend the pharmacy for an MUR. Patients could self-refer, be identified as suitable by GPs or other health or social care workers, pharmacists and their staff, by family members or associates or referred by secondary care.

Pharmacists that provided the service sought NHSE permission to carry out domiciliary MURs as part of the project and each pharmacy were required to submit a Prem2C form for this purpose.

Pharmacists also had to have a current DBS check, i.e. one that has been completed in last three months or where pharmacist has ongoing cover. NHS England did not separately fund DBS checks for pharmacists providing this service.

This pilot was completed on 30th June 2016. 

Location of service

Leicestershire & Rutland LPC


NHS England

Method of commissioning

Source of funding

NHS England

Service type

Domiciliary care

Other organisations involved


Start date: 01/04/2016
End date: 30/06/2016




Not known.