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Florence (Flo) is a system that allows communication between clinicians and patients using SMS text messaging to achieve better and faster health outcomes, improved patient adherence to clinical pathways and increased productivity.

In this project there is a plan to extend Flo to community pharmacy as an adjunct to the existing pharmacy services. For example, patients identified through Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) as having compliance issues will be able to use the system to send them medication reminders. The system is simple to use and requires minimum intervention from the pharmacy team. Flo is free to use for patients and is compatible with basic mobile phones and smart phones.

Pharmacies taking part will be asked to:

  • Recruit patients identified through MUR and the New Medicine Service. Patients will have to consent to take part and understand that they will receive text messages on a regular basis that they will be expected to respond to. Their responses will be used to collect outcomes data.
  • Input patient name and telephone number into Flo system and select the protocol required. The system will then automatically send text messages to the patients on a regular basis depending on the protocol selected.

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North Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent LPC


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Medicines assessment & compliance support

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