Atomoxetine 18mg capsules – updated reimbursement price for August 2023

During the month of August 2023, Community Pharmacy England received several reports from pharmacy owners unable to obtain Atomoxetine 18mg capsules (28) at the published Drug Tariff price of £14.72. A price concession of £26.35 was granted by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and this was communicated in the final August price concession update published on 30 August 2023. Subsequently, NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) notified DHSC that the final August reimbursement price for Atomoxetine 18mg capsules increased to £29.94 following the price change mechanism. Therefore, DHSC has withdrawn the August price concession for Atomoxetine 18mg capsules and any prescriptions submitted for payment to the NHSBSA for the month of August 2023 will instead be reimbursed at the adjusted price of £29.94 for a pack of 28 . Pharmacy owners should note that the published Drug Tariff for September 2023 reflects the updated price of Atomoxetine 18mg capsules.

Atomoxetine 18mg capsules are listed in Category A of the Drug Tariff. Prices of drugs listed in Category A are based on a weighted average of the list prices from 2 mainline wholesalers and 2 generic manufacturers. Following the price change mechanism rules, for generic drugs (excluding drugs in Category M), any price changes up to and including the 8th of the month takes effect for prescriptions dispensed in that same month. Any price change after the 8th takes place in the following month. For example, if a supplier’s list price changed on the 6th of August, the new reimbursement price would apply to prescriptions dispensed in August. If a supplier’s list price for a generic drug changed on the 15th August, the new reimbursement price would apply to prescriptions dispensed in September. An increase in supplier list prices early in August led to an adjustment to the reimbursement price for Atomoxetine 18mg capsules for August 2023.

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