Government developing shared workforce guidance

Pharmacy press

In response to the Health and Social Care Select Committee’s report on the NHS workforce, the Government said that it is “currently developing guidance to support the introduction of shared workforce models between PCN and other pharmacist employers, mitigating short-term local supply issues and aiding longer-term retention”. The response also mentioned that the Government did not agree with the Committee’s recommendation for a pharmacy workforce plan.

Read the Government’s response to the NHS workforce report

Director of NHS Services, Alastair Buxton, said:

“The dire workforce situation in the sector needs urgent action, including better workforce planning at a national level for the pharmacy professions. That needs to be a key outcome from the NHS’ Long-Term Workforce Plan, which we hope will be published without further delay. While there are no easy short-term solutions when it comes to growing the pharmacy workforce, the sooner appropriate workforce planning starts, the earlier it might have a positive impact.”

Further information

We believe NHSE are working with the trade bodies and others on the matter of shared workforce matters.