Health Secretary outlines plan for digital reform of the NHS

The Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, Sajid Javid MP, today set out the Government’s plans to digitally reform the NHS.

The plan outlines how access to patient information will be improved via enhancements to the NHS App and the NHS website – which should result in faster, more personalised treatment for patients.

Key elements of the Government’s plan to digitally reform the NHS include:

  • Improvements to NHS notifications including reminders for patients about EPS prescription readiness;
  • £25m of investment to promote the adoption of Shared Care Records (ShCR) across primary care;
  • A commitment for patients to be able to access video consultations through the NHS App by 2024;
  • A commitment for health record information to be made available for patients via the NHS App by 2023; and
  • More tailored support for patients from the NHS App.

Responding to the announcement, PSNC’s Community Pharmacy IT Policy Manager Daniel Ah-Thion commented:

“We welcome the Government’s renewed ambition to modernise the NHS, particularly its commitment to supporting the rollout of Shared Care Records in community pharmacy, access to which all the evidence suggests greatly improves the quality of care that pharmacies can provide.

“PSNC and the Community Pharmacy IT Group also look forward to supporting the NHS to achieve the other community pharmacy specific ambitions contained in the plan.”

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