HRT PPC: DHSC Guidance

The Government has updated their guidance on the HRT PPC. 

Some of the key changes include: 

  • Clarifying that listed HRT medicines, regardless of the clinical reason for prescribing, must be on a separate prescription to other non-HRT items, on both paper and electronic prescriptions. 
  • Explaining the scope of the HRT PPCs, highlighting that the PPC can be backdated up to one month. 
  • Explaining that electronic repeat dispensing (eRD) prescriptions that have listed HRT medicines prescribed on them can be supplied to patients using the options for mixed prescriptions. It should be noted that future eRD prescriptions must be separated. 

Some minor changes to the wording of some paragraphs have been made but does not change the meaning. 

Along with the updates to the guidance some medicines have been added and removed to the listed HRT medicines in the Drug Tariff 

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