Hypertension Case-Finding Service reminder (#2): How can I promote the service?

This is the second of a series of articles to help pharmacy owners and their teams to maximise the potential of the Hypertension Case-finding Service.

The re-launch of the service, including the ability to use the wider pharmacy team to provide parts of the service, allows pharmacy owners to review how they provide the service and this series of articles will focus on a range of topics to support you in doing that.

Key to the successful provision of a service, is the ability to promote and market it. Taking some time to consider and review how you are currently doing this, can make a significant difference to the success of a service in a pharmacy.

What should I consider?

While there are a variety of resources available for use by pharmacy teams; successfully marketing and promoting a service often requires using a number of different approaches and activities.

To assist pharmacy owners to consider these, we have produced a promoting the service checklist. This contains suggested actions and activities that pharmacy owners can review, to consider if there are any enhancements or improvements that can be made to their existing service marketing and promotion activities. This checklist can be found at cpe.org.uk/hypertension.

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New Community Pharmacy England resources

We have published additional resources including:

  • A series of posters for display within pharmacies and for more general use (e.g. in general practice waiting rooms); and
  • Social media tiles and suggested social media posts about the Hypertension Case-Finding Service.

These new resources can be found in the resources section at cpe.org.uk/hypertension.

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