Introducing Community Pharmacy England

PSNC has today (30th May) become Community Pharmacy England, with a strengthened commitment to championing community pharmacies and engaging with the sector.

Community pharmacies are under immense pressures and need a strong and powerful voice to represent them to Government and the NHS. We are that voice, and we are currently working hard through the negotiations on the Primary Care Access Plan to make the most of the associated £645m investment in the sector.

Our new branding is designed to help us in this role, by being more impactful and authoritative with policy makers, the media, Ministers and others. Our new name also better reflects the breadth of the work that we carry out – monitoring public policy and funding, supporting and advising contractors and LPCs on a wide range of issues, providing information and news for the sector, monitoring and influencing the Drug Tariff and reimbursement, and promoting policy solutions.

Shaped by input from pharmacy owners and LPCs, our new brand has been developed with the support of branding experts to help community pharmacy to be taken even more seriously right up to the highest levels. It comes alongside a new commitment to engaging better with the sector, and a clear focus on unity, including having worked with LPCs on an associated local branding template for their use.

This rebrand- is part of our wider Transforming Pharmacy Representation (TAPR) work programme. It also signals the start of our new engagement strategy which we have developed to help us to build stronger relationships with pharmacy owners. This is all in line with the Review Steering Group (RSG) proposals and the findings of the Wright Review as voted on by the sector.

In the weeks and months to come we hope you will see a step change in how we engage with you – community pharmacy owners, our members.

We will share more regular updates from our Chief Executive, run a regular schedule of events where you can share your thoughts and add your input, and seek direct feedback from you to inform our Committee meetings which we will then feedback on. You will also start to hear more from all our Committee Members, who are pharmacy owners, like you.

Taken together with our wider TAPR work programme – which includes a governance review, the development of a new strategic vision and other steps to strengthen our negotiating capacity – these branding and wider changes will help us to be a more powerful voice for pharmacy, listening to you and influencing more effectively on your behalf.

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Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Community Pharmacy England, said:

“The pressure for pharmacy businesses has never been worse and I know that for most of you the focus is simply on getting through all the challenges from day to day. While the Government’s promise of investment is much-needed and welcome, it isn’t going to make life any easier right now and our fight to get a better deal for you continues.

“Alongside that critical work we have also been working to turn ourselves into a stronger representative body for you. I hope you will see this rebranding as the positive step forwards in that process that it is – you have told us that you want a stronger, more authoritative body that you feel closer to, and that is what we are trying to achieve.  It has little to do with logos or pretty colours – those matter, because if you want authority and credibility you need to look the part – but without wider changes in culture and strategy, which we are fully committed to and already embarking on, they mean little.

“As we move forwards with negotiations on the Primary Care Access Plan and look ahead to publication of a wider vision for the sector, this new name will stand us in good stead to keep influencing the people that we need to: Ministers, the NHS, and the wider public. It also marks a step-change in how we talk to you, our pharmacy owner members.

“We hope you will see this rebrand as the very real attempt that it is to do what you have asked us to do. To listen more. To tell you more. To represent you more strongly. To fight your corner. To get the outcomes you need and deserve. These are Community Pharmacy England’s goals.”

Infographic: How we developed our new logo and identity

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