IT issues affecting Pharmacy First Consultation numbers

Pharmacy press

Following on from IT problems affecting pharmacies’ ability to provide Pharmacy First consultations, we were asked about the massive impact that these IT issues may have had on consultation numbers.

Our Chief Executive Janet Morrison said:

“The Pharmacy First IT issues witnessed this month were extremely problematic. Not only were they incredibly stressful and time-consuming for pharmacy teams, but the impact they had on both providers and patients is also extremely concerning.

As soon as the problems came to light, we pushed DHSC and NHSE for swift resolution of the issues, working closely with NHSBSA and IT providers. There was a combination of separate IT system issues which put severe pressure and uncertainty on pharmacy owners.

Once the operational impact became apparent, we pressed for the claims submission deadline to be extended without delaying payments – ensuring essential revenue would still reach pharmacies in the expected timeframe. We will also be working with DHSC and NHSE to review service data to understand exactly what impact there has been on target consultations and wider confidence in the service: we will argue for any actions needed to mitigate this impact.”

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