MHRA Class 3 Medicines Recall: Ramipril 1.25mg tablets (Torrent Pharma (UK) Limited)

Drug alert number: EL (24)A/05

Date issued: 12 February 2024

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a class 3 medicines recall for: Ramipril 1.25mg tablets (Torrent Pharma (UK) Limited) PL 36687/0222

SNOMED Code: 36834211000001109

Batch Number Expiry Date Pack Size First Distributed
MG21264 29/02/2024 28 tablets 13/12/2021
MG21334 31/03/2024 28 tablets 30/03/2022
MG21335 31/03/2024 28 tablets 26/05/2022
MG221014 30/11/2025 28 tablets 22/03/2023
MG221016 30/11/2025 28 tablets 16/05/2023
MG23488 30/04/2026 28 tablets 25/08/2023
MG23489 30/04/2026 28 tablets 12/09/2023
MG23490 30/04/2026 28 tablets 12/10/2023
MG23729 30/06/2026 28 tablets 05/12/2023

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: Ramipril

Brief description of the problem

Torrent Pharma (UK) Limited is recalling the above batches of Ramipril 1.25mg tablets as a precautionary measure due to these batches having a low assay and high related substances test results after their release to the market.

Advice for healthcare professionals

Stop supplying the above batches immediately. Quarantine all remaining stock and return it to your supplier using your supplier’s approved process.

Full drug alert can be viewed here.

Advice for patients

No further action is required by patients, these batches are being recalled at the pharmacy and wholesaler level as a precautionary measure. Patients who experience adverse reactions or have any questions about the medication, should seek medical attention. Any suspected adverse reactions should also be reported via the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.

Further Information

For medical information enquiries please contact APCER Life Sciences, via telephone: 0800 0885366, or email:

For stock control enquiries please contact the Torrent Pharma (UK) Limited Customer Service & Sales Executive via telephone: 01293 574188,or email:  or

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