NHS prescription charge of £9.65 to roll over into April

UPDATE: The Government has now announced the NHS prescription charge will increase to £9.90 from 1st May 2024. Read more

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is currently unable to confirm whether or not NHS prescription charges will be uplifted in 2024.

The NHS prescription charge and the cost of Prescription Pre-payment Certificates (PPCs) are reviewed annually with changes usually made in April, but this year the Government has yet to conclude consideration of any increase to prescription charges. The current charges will therefore roll over into April 2024 while further consideration is given.

Community Pharmacy England will update community pharmacy teams as soon as any changes are announced by Ministers, including details of when they will be implemented.

In summary:

  • For prescriptions dispensed in April 2024, NHS prescription charges will remain at £9.65 per item.
  • The cost of PPCs will also remain unchanged for April 2024.

Pharmacies should already be displaying a notice showing the prescription charge and, as there is currently no change, they can continue to use that.