NHS Profile Manager update: Online flu vaccination booking details can be added to your NHS website profile

NHS England’s Transformation Directorate has added a new feature to NHS Profile Manager.

Community pharmacy teams offering NHS flu vaccinations can now  update their NHS Profile Manager with the details of their patient-facing appointment booking system. This feature aims to reduce patient phone enquiries for flu vaccination appointments.

Pharmacy owners can promote their pharmacy’s online appointment booking details on their NHS website profiles, whether they use their own appointment system or the NHS National Booking Service (NBS) system*.

*This may apply for those pharmacies using NBS for both NHS Covid* and Flu vaccinations. Read more regarding the arrangements for the provision of COVID-19 Vaccination Service. NHS England continue to provide further information about these arrangements.

Patients can book online through the pharmacy’s NHS website profile from 1st September 2023 to 31st March 2024.

Additionally, there will be a new flu vaccination service finder on the NHS website.

How to add your details to your profiles

Sign in to the NHS Profile Manager and follow these steps.

  1. Select a pharmacy profile.
  2. Go to the ‘Services’ section on the ‘Manage your profile’ page.
  3. Select which ‘Seasonal flu vaccination service’ you offer – either at-risk, not at-risk, or both – if you have not already done so.
  4. Select ‘Extra service details’ after you have confirmed your services.
  5. Select each of your seasonal flu vaccination services.
  6. Select if you use your own website’s online booking address or you use the NHS National Booking Service (NBS) for each seasonal flu vaccination service (only applicable if also commissioned to provide COVID-19 Vaccination Service)*

When adding bookings on your own website, ensure that you include the direct internet address that patients use to make their booking, rather than an information page or your pharmacy homepage.

NHS Profile Manager research: online exercise

The NHS Profile Manager team is seeking NHS website pharmacy editors to participate in a brief research study aimed at improving the NHS Profile Manager.

To provide feedback, an online exercise can be conducted, which should take around 15 minutes to complete. Participants will need access to a computer or laptop with a built-in microphone to take part in the exercise.

Take part in the online user research exercise.

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