NHSE Launch Newly Qualified Pharmacist Pathway

NHS England (NHSE) has introduced the Newly Qualified Pharmacist pathway, a programme for newly qualified pharmacists, designed to bridge the gap between initial education and post-registration development.

The new pathway supports newly qualified pharmacists in their transition to becoming independent practitioners and has on four core elements:

  • E-Portfolio – helping learners assess, plan and reflect on their development.
  • Curriculum – taught in line with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s (RPS) Post-registration foundation pharmacist curriculum.
  • Learning resources – a virtual library of curated learning resources designed to support the professional development of newly qualified pharmacists and complement resources already available locally to pharmacists.
  • Access to supervision – there is support access to supervision for all pharmacists on this pathway.

One of the primary goals of the Newly Qualified Pharmacist pathway is to develop prescribing competence among pharmacists. By aligning with the learning outcomes of the RPS curriculum, the pathway helps newly qualified pharmacists acquire the skills and competence required to prepare for a prescribing course.

If you employ newly qualified pharmacists, then we encourage you to support their enrolment on the pathway. Detailed information about eligibility, timelines, funding, and enrolment can be found on the Newly Qualified Pharmacist pathway webpage and NHSE’s Briefing for employers and key stakeholders.

Support the call for more funding by recording the informal advice you provide over just one day.

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