Pharmacists being drafted in to help during the junior doctors’ strike


The NHS say they will be using pharmacists (among others) to help hospital trusts cope with the upcoming junior doctors’ strike.

Junior doctors strike: NHS GPs, pharmacists and matrons drafted in to prevent hospitals chaos during walkout | iNews

iNews asked us to respond to this article.

Chief Executive Janet Morrison said:

“Community pharmacy teams have repeatedly shown that they have the professional skills and commitment to help support patients and the NHS through moments of crisis. But Easter is a very busy time for pharmacies and they are facing their own crisis as years of underfunding and workforce problems take their toll. Without additional investment, it’s simply inconceivable that NHS England could think that pharmacy teams have the capacity to take on any more work. Pharmacy teams are in the same position as their health service colleagues – exhausted, overworked, and struggling to make ends meet.”

Pharmacy owners are reminded of the requirement to complete the 2023 workforce survey, which is a mandatory requirement for all pharmacy owners. The survey will close on Sunday 17th December 2023.

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