Pharmacy Contraception Service: Updates

Last day to opt-in

Pharmacy owners providing the Tier 1 (on-going supply) Pharmacy Contraception Service (PCS), who have not yet confirmed they are ready to provide the expanded service (i.e. initiation and repeat supply), have until 11.59pm tomorrow (Thursday 29th February 2024) to opt-in to the service by making a declaration on the NHS Business Service Authority’s (NHSBSA) Manage Your Service portal.

Any pharmacies providing the Tier 1 service who do not opt-in by 11.59pm tomorrow will be automatically deregistered from the service (and will be informed of this by NHSBSA).

Promoting the service

NHS England, has updated printable posters and digital posters to assist pharmacy owners to promote the PCS to individuals in their pharmacies. These resources, include translations into Bengali, Polish, Punjabi and Urdu.

A digital poster for use in general practice to promote the availability of the service in participating community pharmacies is also now available.

These additional resources, are available via the resources section on our PCS webpage.

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