PQS: Anticoagulant audit data can now be added to MYS

Community pharmacy contractors who have started their anticoagulant audit, as part of the requirements for the Medicines safety and optimisation domain of the 2021/22 Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS), are now able to enter their data on the NHS Business Services Authority’s (NHSBSA) Manage Your Service (MYS) portal.

Participating contractors are required to share their anonymised audit data with NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) by submitting this to the NHSBSA before they make their PQS declaration.

Contractors can choose to enter the data directly onto MYS or use the paper form to collect the data and then transfer the data onto MYS to submit their results to the NHSBSA.

Contractors should access MYS in the usual way and then click on the ‘PQS Oral Anticoagulant Safety Audit 2021/22’ tab to access the survey, which contractors are required to use to enter their audit data.

Contractors are reminded that the audit data entered onto MYS should not contain any patient identifiable information. They should also make a note of the start and end date of the anticoagulant audit as contractors will be required to enter this information when they make their PQS declaration.

Further information on the requirements of the Medicines safety and optimisation Domain can be found on the PSNC PQS hub page.


Q. Where can I find the audit paperwork to enable me to complete the anticoagulant audit?
The audit paperwork for the 2021/22 anticoagulant audit is available as an annex in the NHS England and NHS Improvement Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2021/22 guidance. PSNC has also added a standalone version of the audit paperwork and data collection form to the PSNC PQS hub page; this can be found in the Medicines safety and optimisation domain section.

Q. Over what period of time do I need to complete the audit?
The audit must be carried out over two weeks with a minimum of 15 patients or four weeks if 15 patients are not achieved within two weeks.

Q. When do I need to complete the audit?
Contractors can pick a two-week period between now and the day of their declaration; however, contractors are encouraged to not leave completion of the audit until the end of January/beginning of February in case the data collection period needs to be extended to four weeks if contractors have difficulty in finding 15 patients to participate.

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