Remaining 2021/22 mandatory health campaigns agreed


UPDATE 6th January 2022: New dates have been announced for the weight management and smoking cessation campaigns.

UPDATE 20th December 2021: Please note, that the start of the weight management campaign has been delayed. When a new delivery date for the weight management campaign resource packs has been confirmed, a further update will be provided on the new campaign period. This may also affect the start date of the smoking cessation campaign.

PSNC and NHS England and NHS Improvement have agreed the remaining 2021/22 health campaigns, which community pharmacy contractors must participate in as part of their NHS contractual requirements.

Health campaign topic Campaign period 
Winter vaccines 22nd November to 31st December 2021
Weight management 4th January to 31st January 2022
Smoking cessation 21st February to 31st March 2022

This means that for 2021/22 there will be four mandatory health campaigns that contractors must participate in (in May 2021, contractors were asked to participate in a COVID-19 vaccination campaign, focused on informing the public about the vaccine and encouraging them to take it up when was offered to them).

Winter vaccines campaign

The Winter vaccines campaign, which is the next health campaign will begin next Monday (22nd November 2021). This is the second mandated health campaign for 2021/22, and campaign materials should arrive in pharmacies by Royal Mail before the start of the campaign.

Contractors will not be required to record the number of people to whom information is provided or any additional information for the Winter vaccines campaign. However, contractors may be asked to provide voluntary feedback at the end of the campaign.

If contractors have not received the campaign materials by 1st December 2021, they should email stating the pharmacy’s name, address and the name of the campaign that campaign materials are missing for.


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