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The intervention was to offer a blood pressure test to the target audience and provide appropriate information, local opportunities and on demand products to individuals in order to inspire them to take simple steps to improve their lifestyle.

The primary target audience for the pilot was groups at highest risk of hypertension and likely to be least engaged with their health:

  • individuals aged between 40-75, with a specific focus on a core audience of 50-65 year olds;
  • people from lower socio-economic groups and or from areas of deprivation;
  • those likely to be disengaged with primary care, with a bias towards males; and
  • individuals with high risk factors for hypertension, for example, smokers, overweight or obese, physically inactive, poor diet, African or Caribbean descent

The pilot was specifically not targeting people who had already had a diagnosis of hypertension or had recently had a blood pressure test.

The secondary audience for the campaign was anyone living, working or visiting the Wakefield area who the campaign could educate about blood pressure.

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West Yorkshire LPC


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Start date: 01/03/2014
End date: 06/04/2014




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This pilot was available in the Wakefield area only.