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Patients presenting with identified symptoms at the GP surgery will be offered transfer into this service. Patients may also self refer following initial practice referral and registration at a participating pharmacy.

All participating community pharmacies will provide a professional consultation service for patients registered with participating GPs who present with one of the specified conditions.

The pharmacist will assess the patient’s condition. The consultation will consist of:

  • patient assessment;
  • provision of advice;
  • provision of a medicine if necessary from the agreed formulary, appropriate to the patient’s condition; and
  • claim (pharmacist’s prescription and patient exemption form) to be completed. The pharmacist should ensure that the patient has completed and signed the declaration of exemption from prescription charges. The pharmacist should also ensure that they sign and stamp the paperwork.

Location of service

Birmingham & Solihull LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Source of funding

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Service type

Minor ailment service

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Staff need to have successfully completed the appropriate training provided by Birmingham Black Country and Solihull Commissioning Support Unit (BBCS CSU) on behalf of the Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG) will be included in the scheme. Additionally it is recommended that all pharmacists participating in the scheme should complete the most recent CPPE package on Minor Ailments.


This service is available in the Solihull area only.