Services Database Smoking Cessation Services based in Community Pharmacies (Stockport Area)

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The aim of the scheme is to address proactively the needs of people age 18 and over who want to stop smoking by ensuring they receive high quality pharmacy smoking cessation support including managed nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

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Greater Manchester LPC


Local Authority (LA)

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Local Authority contract

Source of funding

Local Authority (LA)

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Stop smoking

Other organisations involved

Healthy Stockport Service


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All staff participating in the scheme must complete and register as maintaining their skills and competencies as part of an agreed self-assessment process. This includes maintaining skills for the management of single and/or dual therapy treatments (for a maximum of 12 weeks) in accordance with NICE guidance.

A review of training is currently underway. Participating pharmacies will be notified of any changes they need to implement. In the meantime the standards below will apply:

  • Accredited CPPE / NCSCT (online – Stage 1 & 2) courses as specified by Healthy Stockport & LA Commissioners, this may also include attendance at approved training and locally organised communication events (annually).

In addition to pharmacists the above applies to any locum pharmacists and any support staff nominated to deliver the consultation under supervision of the pharmacist.


This service is available in the Stockport area only.