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The aim of the Service is to minimise the possible harmful effects of supply of
substances liable to misuse by both increasing adherence and reducing supplies
leaking into the illicit market.
This Service supports adherence with Drug Misuse and Dependence UK Guidelines on
Clinical Management, published by the Department of Health; and Methadone and
Buprenorphine for the Management of Opioid Dependence (TA114) published by
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).


  • There should be well managed models of care pharmacy pathway with associated
    counselling and care programmes for substance misusers, aimed at immediate harm
    minimisation, with the ultimate goal of recovery wherever possible.
  • There should be greater involvement of primary care professions, such as General
    Practitioners and Community Pharmacists, in the care of more stable drug misusers.
  • To ensure that the service user takes the correct dose of medication prescribed by
    the Clinician.
  • To ensure that medication prescribed is not inappropriately directed onto the illegal

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Lincolnshire LPC


Not commissioned - Funded by a charity

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Supervised administration

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