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It is expected that dispensing and supervised consumption of OST will ensure compliance with the agreed treatment plan by:

· Dispensing prescribed medication in specified instalments.

· Ensuring each supervised dose is correctly administered for the service user for whom it was intended (doses may be dispensed for the service user to take away to cover the days the Contractor is closed) in accordance with the prescription and Royal Pharmaceutical Society/Home Office guidance

· Ensure each supervised dose is correctly consumed by the service user for whom it was intended

· Providing service users with regular contact with a healthcare professional (pharmacist)

· Monitoring the service user’s response to prescribed treatment for example if there are signs of overdose, especially at times when doses are changed.

· Liaising with the prescriber or named Company3 Recovery Worker as appropriate, if the service user appears intoxicated or when the service user has missed doses4, and, if necessary withholding treatment if this is in the interest of service user safety.

· Improving retention in drug treatment and opportunities for recovery.

· Improving drug treatment delivery and successful exit from treatment.

· Help service users’ access treatment by offering referral to specialist drug and alcohol treatment centres and health and social care professionals where appropriate.

· Reduce the risk to local communities of diversion of prescribed medicines onto the illicit drugs market and contribute to a reduction in drug related deaths in the community through accidental exposure to prescribed OST medication.

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Somerset LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Supervised administration

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