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Aims of the Service

This service will require the pharmacist to supervise the consumption of prescribed medicines at the point of dispensing in the pharmacy, ensuring that the dose has been administered to the patient. The pharmacy will provide support and advice to the patient, including referral to primary care or specialist center’s where appropriate. To provide service users with regular contact with health care professionals and to help access further advice or assistance in relation to their substance misuse problems and any other associated health issues and to ensure compliance with the patients agreed treatment plan (prescription) by dispensing in specified instalments, and ensuring each supervised dose is consumed by the patient for whom it is intended on site at the pharmacy.


To reduce the risk to local communities of:

  • Diversion of Methadone or Buprenorphine onto the illicit drugs market; and
  • Accidental exposure to Methadone
  • Overuse or underuse of controlled Medicines

Location of service

North East London LPC


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Supervised administration

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This service is available in the Tower Hamlets area only.