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The service will be offered to suitable Substance Misuse and Needle Exchange service users.
Naloxone will be offered to anyone over 18 years:
Currently using illicit opiates, such as heroin
Receiving opioid substitution therapy
Leaving prison with a history of drug use
Who has previously used opiate drugs (to protect in the event of a relapse)
Naloxone will also be offered to a family member, carer, peer or friend, with consent of
anyone identified above.

All clients will be offered training in recognising the symptoms of opioid overdose, how to
respond appropriately and how to administer Naloxone.
The training and Naloxone supply can be delivered by any member of the pharmacy team
who must have received the approved Naloxone training.
All clients will be provided support, advice and information, including signposting or referral
to other health and social services. These will include:
• Harm reduction service drop ins
• Local substance misuse treatment services

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East Sussex LPC


Other: Change, Grow, Live

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All pharmacists are required to complete the CPPE Declaration of Competence for Needle
Exchange and Supervised services as part of other service provisions. Only pharmacies
providing these other services will be invited to deliver this service.
A pharmacist and representative may be required to attend an initial training session and
any training updates.
The declaration will need to be confirmed on PharmOutcomes via enrolment. There will be a
three-month grace period for the CPPE Declarations from the start of the service; after this
if not completed you will not be able to access the services. The declaration for reading and
signing the SOP need to be confirmed on PharmOutcomes via enrolment before starting the
LloydsPharmacy aim to arrange at least one contractor meeting per year to promote service
development and update the knowledge of the named pharmacist.