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Published on: 11th July 2017 | Updated on: 14th November 2023

Electronic health records are digital versions of patient health and care records. Read more about records at the Records hub and the Shared Care Records (ShCRs) webpage.

This page lists records projects and those national and local initiatives including ShCRs.

Community Pharmacy England encourages organisations that are working on local record sharing initiatives to contact local community pharmacy contractors and Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) to discuss how they may be able to participate in local developments. Community Pharmacy England has also prepared a Community Pharmacy England Briefing: Planning and setting pharmacy access to ShCRs and other records.

Background and overview

Primary care health professionals, including community pharmacy team members, have been creating electronic health records of their interactions with patients for many years, but these records have not usually been integrated across different health and care providers.

In the past, there have been attempts to create central patient record systems for use by all healthcare professionals, but the focus in the NHS is now on ensuring interoperability between individual health record systems and across organisational boundaries. A record-sharing system has already been developed nationally – the NHS Summary Care Record – and community pharmacists in England have access to this system, where the patient gives their consent.

Local initiatives are also starting to support the sharing of records, e.g. the Leeds Care Record; links to local initiatives that Community Pharmacy England is aware of can be found below (listing below does not imply any endorsement of systems by Community Pharmacy England). Contact Daniel Ah-Thion, Community Pharmacy IT Lead, if you would like to discuss pharmacy access to records.

Records projects (national)

This section lists those records with national scope.

Records projects (national scope) Nation Further info
Emergency Care Summary Scotland It is a summary of basic information about patients’ health which might be important if patients need urgent medical care when the GP practice is closed, or when patients go to an accident and emergency department.
EMIS Web EPR Viewer (GP practice record viewer) UK Available to some healthcare professionals across community, mental health and secondary care, it provides access to the GP records of patients treated at a GP practice which uses EMIS.
Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) (record viewer) England The MIG is a middleware technology which enables the two-way exchange of patient information between local healthcare settings.
Northern Ireland’s Electronic Care Record (ECR) Northern Ireland An electronic summary of key clinical information. This information can include lab tests, x-rays, referrals, appointments, and discharge letters. Patients choose whether to also share information about medicines and allergies.
Patients Know Best England Provides digital patient engagement solutions, such as Personal Health Records controlled via a patient portal. Open APIs so that information can be shared with health workers.
Patient Online (patient access to digital GP record) England Online patient facing services (PFS) allow patients to increasingly use the internet for: viewing their electronic medical record; ordering repeat prescriptions; communicating with their GP practice, and booking GP appointments.
Summary Care Record (SCR) England An electronic summary of key clinical information (including medicines, allergies and adverse reactions) about a patient, sourced from the GP record.
Vision 360 (GP practice record viewer) England Allows some sharing of patient records and appointment details between GP practices, hospital departments and unscheduled care providers.
Welsh GP Record Wales Key health information from the records GP practices keeps about patients can be available to support direct care in hospital, at outpatient appointments, in an emergency and in the community.

The section below lists those records with local scope.

Records projects (local) and ShCRs

For records with national scope, see the section above. The table below lists those records systems with local scope.

Shared Care Record (local)
Project type Local area Further info
AYRShare Records Ayrshire A computer system developed by the three Ayrshire Councils in partnership with NHS Ayrshire & Arran. It enables sharing of information between partners to help address concerns about the well-being and protection of children and young people.
BLMK Integrated Care System Records Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Record-sharing local initiative.
Care Integrated Digital Record (CIDR) (Camden) Records Camden Record-sharing local initiative.
Cheshire Care Record Records Cheshire Record-sharing local initiative.
Connected Health Cities (North) Records England (North) Record-sharing local initiative.
Connecting Care (South) Records Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset Record-sharing local initiative.
Coordinate My Care [patient record] (London) Records London Record-sharing local initiative.
DataWell project (North) Records Greater Manchester, E Cheshire and E Lancashire Record-sharing local initiative.
Doncaster shared care record Records Doncaster Record-sharing local initiative.
Dorset Care Record (DCR) Records Dorset Record-sharing local initiative. Pharmacies began accessing during 2020. Read case study info and contractors within the area can find out how to access DCR at Community Pharmacy England’s ShCR page.
East London Patient Record (eLPR) Records London Record-sharing local initiative. Pharmacies began accessing during 2020.
Great North Care Record Records England (North) Record-sharing local initiative.
Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) (Hampshire) Records Hampshire Record-sharing local initiative.
iLinks Transformation Programme Programme North Merseyside Record-sharing and digital health local initiative.
InterSystems portal usage (Lincolnshire) Records Lincolnshire Record-sharing and digital health local initiative.
JUYI (Gloucestershire) Records Gloucestershire Record-sharing local initiative.
Lanarkshire data sharing Records Lanarkshire Between hospital and NHS Lanarkshire
Leeds Care Record Records Leeds Record-sharing local initiative.
Local Care Record Records Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Record-sharing local initiative.
London Health and Care Information Exchange Programme London Record-sharing local initiative.
Manchester Care Record project Records Manchester Record-sharing local initiative.
Milton Keynes record sharing Records Milton Keynes Record-sharing local initiative.
My Care Record (Essex) Records Essex Record-sharing local initiative.
North West Shared Infrastructure Services (NWSIS) shared records (LPRES/WellPRES) Records North West Record-sharing and digital health local initiative.
PharmacyView Records Scotland PharmacyView allows hospital pharmacists to visibly record those patients in most need of pharmaceutical care, as facilitating team working, improving workload planning and providing consistency of care. Available on various devices across the hospital setting including touchscreens, desktops and mobile devices.
PharmOutcomes Transfer of Care (digital) England Can offer three options to support transfer of care from hospital to community pharmacy ranging from the original web based solution, partial integration with hospital systems, to a fully integrated approach.
Scottish Ambulance Service Records Scotland On-scene information shared for follow on care
Share Your Care Records Berkshire Record-sharing local initiative.
Somerset Integrated Digital electronic Record Records Somerset Record-sharing local initiative.
Surrey Care Record Records Surrey Record-sharing local initiative
Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC) Records North West London Record-sharing local initiative.
Your Care Connected Records Birmingham Record-sharing local initiative.

Contact it@psnc.uk to request for additional projects to be added.

Organisations/standards list

The section below lists standards that are relevant to records sharing and organisations which are involved in the development of such standards or which support the development of shared records.

Organisation(s) / standards Type Area Further information
Data Coordination Board (DCB), previously SCCI Organisation England Oversees the development, and approval of information standards, data collections and data extractions.
Endeavour Health (charity) Organisation England Aims to improve healthcare by enabling the design of, and researching the effectiveness of, new forms of healthcare information technology and healthcare provision with particular emphasis on patients as users of IT.
FHIR Foundation Organisation England Promotes global adoption and implementation of the FHIR® platform standard.
FHIR standard Standard England A platform specification that defines a set of capabilities used across the healthcare process, in all jurisdictions, and in lots of different contexts.
GP Connect Standard England Enabling access for Direct Care purposes to Patient data in GP Provider Systems via new APIs based on open healthcare data exchange standard.
GP2GP service Standard England Allows patients’ electronic health records to be transferred directly, securely, and quickly between their old and new practices, when they change GP practices.
HL7 UK Organisation England/UK/Global Dedicated to providing a framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information.
Information Sharing Gateway (commercial) Info sharing /consent model system England Organisations can sign-up to co-sharing agreements. Aims to ease the administration and risk assessment of information sharing agreements in the public sector. It has been designed to support Information Governance (IG) reporting / flows.
Interoperability toolkit (NHS Digital toolkit) Standard England A set of common specifications, frameworks and implementation guides that support interoperability.
INTEROPen Group England An action group to accelerate the development of open standards for interoperability in the health and social care sector. Leading organisations and individuals are encouraged to join INTEROPen. Members include NHS Digital, GP system suppliers, and many of the organisations included within this list.
medConfidential Organisation England Campaigns for confidentiality and consent in health and social care – seeking to ensure that every flow of data into, across and out of the NHS and care system is consensual, safe and transparent.
NHS Digital Organisation England Supports the NHS and social care services.
openEHR Organisation England This not-for-profit company has a vision of life-long interoperable electronic health records (EHRs); and computing on EHRs to improve the quality of health care and research. Its mission is to promote and support implementation.
Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) Organisation England Works with the public and healthcare professionals to define the standards needed for good care records.

For a wider list of standards see: Technical requirements and standards.

Further info

See: Planning/setting pharmacy records access and ShCRs

If you have queries on this webpage, or would like to provide any updates about the EHRs listed (or not yet listed), or you require more information please contact it@cpe.org.uk. To share and hear views about digital developments with like-minded pharmacy team members, join the CP Digital email group today. Read about the pharmacy ShCR working group at: the ShCRs webpage.




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