Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)

Published on: 27th January 2017 | Updated on: 1st April 2022

PRSB works with the public and healthcare professionals to define the standards needed for good care records.

Overview and 'Why Standards?'

Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) and NHS Digital perform a role with setting standards using feedback from stakeholders including patients, pharmacy teams and others.

The use of  ‘standards’ within the health sector enables people, devices and systems to communicate in a more efficient and electronic manner. The growing use of standards should improve patient care and should also help to improve centralised records as well as enable improved analysis.

Standards can also reduce the need for health and care workers to ‘re-key’ information and for patients to need to repeat themselves about their experiences.

Interoperability refers to systems that interoperate with each other using shared technical standards.

Read more at: PRSB website and Standards.

Pharmacy information dataflows

PRSB worked with stakeholders to establish a Pharmacy information dataflows dataset. This sets out how certain information can be passed from pharmacy systems to GP practice ones:

More items may be developed in due course e.g. Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) notifications.

Computable dose standards

PRSB have established a standard for computable dose standards.

Read more and which systems are following this standard at: Computable dose standards.


Local Health and Records (LHCRs) core dataset

PRSB established a standard for what is in the LHCR core dataset.

Read more at: LHCRs.


Further info

Read more at:

Community Pharmacy England works with PRSB and RPS regarding pharmacy data standard matters. If you have queries on this webpage or you require more information please contact

Getting involved: If you work within pharmacy and wish to feed into future standards – by email or via a telecon opportunity then please contact, Community Pharmacy England’s Community Pharmacy IT Lead or with ‘standards’ in the subject title. PRSB may hold future events including some to set out changes to the pharmacy info flows dataset.


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