Chlamydia Screening & Treatment

Published on: 19th July 2013 | Updated on: 15th March 2022

Examples of this service that have been commissioned locally are available on the Community Pharmacy England online services database.

Tools and publications which may be useful to support the commissioning of this service can be found on the Service development tools and publications hub.

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Template service specification

Chlamydia Screening & Treatment template service specification (Microsoft Word)

Chlamydia Screening & Treatment template service specification (PDF)

Above, is a nationally negotiated template service specification (developed and agreed by Community Pharmacy England, the Department of Health and NHS Employers). LPCs and contractors are able to negotiate to provide services in accordance with this specification where a local need for the service is determined. Alternatively LPCs, contractors or the service commissioner are free to develop their own local services in response to identified needs.


Community Pharmacy England resources

Community Pharmacy England Services Case Studies Hub

Community Pharmacy England Think Pharmacy prospectus: Chlamydia screening and treatment (June 2019)

The Community Pharmacy England resource Community Pharmacy – at the Heart of Public Health describes the main public health services that are provided by community pharmacies and the evidence base for these services.

Other resources

Public Health England – Pharmacy offer for sexual health, reproductive health and HIV (March 2019)

Public Health England & Royal Society for Public Health – Everyday interactions (June 2017)
This resource aims to support healthcare professionals to record what they ‘do’ in their interactions with individuals to demonstrate impact on public health priorities.

Presentation at the Pharmacy Show: Birmingham Umbrella sexual health services – Inderjit Singh & Sanjeev Panesar (Sept 2016) (If prompted, password is: pharmacy16)

Public Health England (PHE) published guidance for local authority commissioners in November 2014 – Information to support the commissioning of chlamydia screening in general practice and community pharmacies. The document explains about some of the benefits of commissioning the service from primary care providers such as community pharmacies and general practices and it suggests elements that should be included in service specifications for the service.

Public Health England guidance for commissioners – Making it work: a guide to whole system commissioning for sexual health, reproductive health and HIV (Sept 2014)

The Professional Standards for Public Health Practice for Pharmacy (Mar 2014) provide a framework to help pharmacy teams, commissioners and those contracting services to design, implement, deliver and monitor high quality public health practice through pharmacy.

PHE has published a package of resources providing the latest evidence on the impact and economics of opportunistic chlamydia screening, and HIV screening and testing. The topics were selected given their priority as key sexual health indicators within the ‘Public Health Outcomes Framework’, which local areas are now delivering against.

For both subjects, PHE has produced:

  • Evidence Summaries: a full review of the latest evidence on opportunistic chlamydia screening and HIV screening and testing including cost-efficacy, impact, acceptability etc. PHE hopes these will underpin public health leaders’ planning and evaluation of local services.
  • Leaders’ Briefings: covering frequently asked questions and considerations for local action. PHE hopes public health leaders will find these useful to brief senior local authority and other commissioning staff on these 2 topics.

The HIV testing documents and the chlamydia screening documents are available online and may be of interest to LPC members seeking to develop local community pharmacy sexual health services.

National Chlamydia Screening Programme website

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