Evaluation resources

Published on: 3rd April 2017 | Updated on: 15th March 2022

The Community Pharmacy England services evaluation page provides links to resources and guidance on how to evaluate services which LPC members may find useful.

This page is a ‘work in progress’ and will be continuously updated.


Diabetes UK – How to: evaluate quality improvement in diabetes care (March 2017) 
Although this resource is specifically aimed at services relating to diabetes, it contains useful information that is relevant to the evaluation of other services.

The Pharmaceutical Journal – How to evaluate services delivered within community pharmacy (October 2016) (requires log-in)

The Pharmaceutical Journal – How to write a research article to submit for publication (November 2016) (requires log-in)

The Pharmaceutical Journal – Presenting data visually for a poster or presentation (October 2016) (requires log-in)

The Health Foundation – Evaluation: what to consider (March 2015)


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