Falls prevention

Published on: 12th August 2015 | Updated on: 15th March 2022

Examples of this service that have been commissioned locally are available on the Community Pharmacy England online services database.

Tools and publications which may be useful to support the commissioning of this service can be found on the Service development tools and publications hub.

Related resources

Community Pharmacy England Services Case Studies Hub

Community Pharmacy England Think Pharmacy prospectus: Falls prevention service (June 2019)

Public Health England – Interventions for productive healthy ageing: for pharmacy teams working in different settings (March 2019)

Public Health England & Royal Society for Public Health – Everyday interactions (June 2017)
This resource aims to support healthcare professionals to record what they ‘do’ in their interactions with individuals to demonstrate impact on public health priorities.

Community Pharmacy England Briefing 047/15: Supporting frail, vulnerable and older people to live independently (Aug 2015)
This Community Pharmacy England Briefing provides background information and statistics on the challenges people face in managing their medicines; and provides examples of locally commissioned pharmacy services which are supporting and empowering people to manage their medicines, while assisting them to live independently and prevent hospital admissions.

Community Pharmacy England Think Pharmacy prospectus: Falls prevention service (Jul 2015)

Community Pharmacy Future Project: Four or More Medicines (FOMM) Support Service
This service was aimed at patients aged over 65 years taking four or more medicines with one of the aims being to reduce falls risk and fear of falls through multifactoral risk assessment and interventions or referral to another healthcare professional. The full results of the service evaluation have been published in the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

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