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Published on: 28th February 2022 | Updated on: 30th March 2022

Community Pharmacy England held a national meeting of LPC Treasurers on Wednesday 16th February 2022. This event was open to all LPC Treasurers and LPC staff members involved with supporting the work of LPC finances.

The agenda of the event was focused primarily on ensuring that LPC Treasurers were well informed about the priorities for 2022/23 to help with LPC budgeting and planning assumptions. The majority of LPCs were represented at the event, with over 70 delegates attending.

The resources from the event, including the slide deck used on the day and a full recording of the meeting, are available below.

National Meeting of LPC Treasurers February 2022 – Slide Deck

National Meeting of LPC Treasurers February 2022 – Event Recording (passcode: iuq#*Zz3)

Feedback summary

Community Pharmacy England’s LPC and Contractor Support Team asked delegates to complete a short feedback survey after the event. A summary of this feedback is below.

Q1. How useful did you find the National Meeting of LPC Treasurers?

Very useful Quite useful Not useful
40% 60% 0%

Q2. Overall, did you find the technology easy to use?

Yes No
100% 0%

Q3. How would you rate the speakers for the day?

Excellent Good Average Below average
50% 40% 10% 0%

Q4. Overall, how would you rate this meeting?

Excellent Good Average Below average
40% 50% 10% 0%

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