Funding & Reimbursement Shorts: Handling prescriptions with supplementary product information

Community Pharmacy England is launching a series of digital guides to help pharmacy owners and their teams understand more about common funding and reimbursement topics.

The guides will aim to help pharmacy owners and their teams to develop good practices, maximising income and reduce instances of losing money or facing delayed payments as a result of small errors or not following the required processes. In the videos, our in-house Drug Tariff experts will outline the dos and don’ts of handling certain scenarios, as well as offering practical advice on prescription endorsement and submission.

This regular series has been launched to enhance understanding of specific topics and address common queries. It also supplements factsheets and briefings produced by our Dispensing and Supply team such as the guidance provided in our recent ‘Top tips to maximise dispensing income’ factsheet, which links to a wealth of resources and serves as a handy written checklist for the wider pharmacy team.

Video 1: Supplementary product information

The first video in this series presented by Mitesh Bhudia and Gemma Hackett from our Dispensing and Supply Team, looks at prescriptions containing supplementary product information. The video guides viewers through the issue using likely examples and advice on what to do.

Watch the supplementary product information video here:

Further information and resources (as referenced in the guide):

Dealing with product information within the dose area

Dealing with EPS product info in dose area factsheet (pdf)

Dispensing & Supply (EPS)

Later videos will cover topics such as endorsing Serious Shortage Protocols (SSPs), recent changes to the price concession system, and more. We would also welcome your requests for other future topics – please email with any suggestions.

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