LFD service: New eligible patient groups from 1st April

The Lateral flow device tests supply service for patients potentially eligible for COVID-19 treatments (LFD service) will continue to be commissioned as an Advanced service in 2024/25.

In addition, from 1st April 2024, the following additional patient groups will be eligible to access the LFD service, as well as those previously eligible for the service:

  • People aged 85 years and over;
  • People with end-stage heart failure who have a long-term ventricular assistance device;
  • People on the organ transplant waiting list;
  • People aged 70 years and over, or who have a BMI of 35 kg/m2 or more, diabetes or heart failure, and:
      • Are resident in a care home; or
      • Are already hospitalised.

The change in eligible patients for the LFD service, follows updated National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance on patient groups eligible for COVID-19 treatments and increases the number of patients eligible to use the service to around 5.3 million people.

Pharmacy owners are advised to read the updated service specification, update their standard operating procedure for the service, where applicable and brief their pharmacy teams on the changes.

Read the updated service specification

Read more about the LFD service and view the support materials available to help you provide the service