Non-CCA Multiple Representatives Election – Reminder to send in formal nominations


We recently announced the PSNC election cycle for the Non-CCA Multiple Representatives and PSNC formally invited nominations from contractors wishing to stand for election. 

To be eligible to stand for election the candidate must be a pharmacist, registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council, and be a Multiple pharmacy contractor or be employed by a multiple pharmacy contractor (multiple).  

For the purposes of this election a Multiple means a pharmacy contractor, other than a member company of the Company Chemists’ Association, that operates retail pharmacy businesses from more than nine (9) premises in England from which NHS pharmaceutical services are provided or is a member of the Association of Independent Multiples.  

For information on the role of a PSNC member and information on the election process, please see the briefing. 

For those wishing to stand for election there is a copy of the nomination form to be used on the Election Page. A complete nomination form (even in multiple parts) should be submitted in one communication to PSNC. Along with your nomination you are able to provide a policy statement, which must not exceed 500 words and must avoid any direct reference to other candidates.  

Late or incomplete nominations will not be accepted. On receipt, the nomination forms will be checked for eligibility.  

Should we receive only three valid nominations, those persons will be deemed to be elected. If there are more than three valid nominations received, an election will be held – and all Multiple pharmacy contractors will receive a voting form electronically via email. If we receive one or more nominations for a Multiple pharmacy contractor with fewer than 40 NHS pharmacy premises in England, there will be a guaranteed place for one of those candidates.  

Nomination forms will not be valid unless received by the joint Returning Officers no later than 12 noon on Thursday 24th February 2023. 

Please send your nomination forms to the joint Returning Officers Gordon Hockey ( / 0203 1220 821) and Katrina Worthington ( / 0203 1220 814). 

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