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This project led by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust involves trained local community pharmacists in the New Forest CAMHS catchment area of Hampshire carrying out physical monitoring of children and young people who are on medications to treat ADHD and related conditions. The measurements collected will be recorded onto PharmOutcomes that would be accessible by the New Forest specialist CAMHS team and selected community pharmacies, and promptly communicated with the GPs.

Such an approach will result in minimal disruption to young people and their families and will free up precious specialist clinical time, which can be used by staff to help reduce clinic waiting lists and be more responsive and effective in meeting the clinical needs of these service users.

This service is funded by the Innovating for Improvement fund from The Health Foundation.

For more information, please watch the presentation at the Pharmacy Show: CAMHS & Community pharmacy innovative partnership – Paul Bennett & Subha Muthalagu (Sept 2016) (If prompted, password is: pharmacy16).

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Hampshire & IOW LPC


Other: Innovating for Improvement fund.

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Mental health

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This service is available in the New Forest CAMHS catchment area of Hampshire only.