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This service is for patients accessing Stop Smoking Services in need of pharmacological treatment.

Clients receiving group or individual advice and support from smoking cessation services either provided directly by Smokefreelife Somerset, or by community pharmacies approved to provide smoking cessation services by Solutions4Health. 

Pharmacists can supply Champix under a Patient Group Direction (PGD).

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Somerset LPC


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Local Authority contract

Source of funding

Local Authority (LA)

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Stop smoking

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Start date: 01/04/2015
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These are the requirements and the different variations:

  1. Pharmacist that isn’t trained to Level 2 or PGD (but requires both)
  2. Pharmacist that is already trained to Level 2 and needs PGD accreditation
  3. Pharmacist that wants to do PGD only and not offer Level 2 sessions

Ideally all pharmacists are in options 1 & 2.

1. Pharmacists in this group will need to complete the:

  • NCSCT core knowledge and Skills online assessment;
  • attend the 3 hour core knowledge and skills face to face training;
  • do the face to face PGD training and pre reading; and
  • attend an ongoing update training event (1 a year).

2. Pharmacists already trained to Level 2 only need to:

  • complete face to face PGD training;
  • attend an ongoing update training event (1 a year); and
  • pass the NCSCT core knowledge and skills online assessment.

3. Do face to face PGD training and pre reading only (and PGD update sessions when required).

Because the Level 2 is shorter than previously, it is recommended that pharmacists pass the Consultation Skills for Pharmacists CPPE assessment.