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A community pharmacist intervention in schools that will contribute to a measurable improvement in the inhaler technique, adherence, and associated health outcomes, of children and young people with asthma in primary and secondary school settings.

The project proposes holding Community Pharmacist led inhaler technique workshops in primary and secondary schools. Noting the Asthma UK estimate of 2 children with asthma in each classroom, they will host workshops for a combined year 4-5 cohort (8-10 year-old students) and combined year 9-10 cohort (13-15 year-old students).
The workshops aimed at primary school children will also make use of technology’s developed by Manchester University  to use with flo-tone trainer devices (i.e. the Rafi –Tone App) which allows the children to monitor their own inhaler technique using an interactive App.

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Halton, St Helens & Knowsley LPC


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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Vikings Sport Foundation.


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This project is based in the Halton area only.