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The aim of this service is to increase access to chlamydia testing in the community as part of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme. Members of staff involved in the service will provide advice on chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections to clients aged between 15–24 years and their sexual partners and will signpost people appropriately to other services within the county.

Clients will be able to obtain a kit through self-service bins or on request. The postal kits carry full instructions however pharmacy staff may be required to assist with the completion of the form. Pharmacy staff will be expected to offer test kits during consultations with clients where the client is within the age range, and provide signposting information on how to access sexual health services locally.

Where possible, completion of screening in on-site toilet facilities is encouraged.

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Gloucestershire LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Chlamydia Screening Office


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The pharmacy contractor has a duty to ensure that pharmacists and all staff involved have relevant knowledge and are appropriately trained in the provision of the service.

The pharmacy team will receive initial training and materials from the CSO and should cascade this to team members.

A member of the pharmacy team should also attend the annual chlamydia screening update or network event.