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Members of the pharmacy team will offer chlamydia screening to males and females aged 15-24 on an opportunistic basis.

All females aged 15-24 seeking post-coital contraception through community pharmacy will be offered the service.

Members of the pharmacy team will offer chlamydia screening preferably via an on-site urine sample capture. Where this is not acceptable to the client or the pharmacy does not have on-site toilet facilities a postal kit will be offered. However, the client should be encouraged to return the urine sample to the pharmacy.

Members of the pharmacy team will also provide advice to the patient on the reason for screening and the health risks from chlamydia.

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Sheffield LPC


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The pharmacist and support staff must have completed the training offered by the Commissioner to be accredited to provide the service.

The accredited pharmacist will be required to attend an update training event every year, as decided by the Commissioner.

The pharmacist will ensure that participating pharmacy staff are appropriately trained. This may be through the Safeguarding Sheffield Children service e-learning package: