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The key aims of the Chlamydia Treatment Service are to:

  • increase the number of locations offering screening for chlamydia;
  • actively promote the Nottingham City Chlamydia Screening Programme, by raising general awareness of chlamydia and other sexual health issues to promote good sexual health;
  • provide opportune individual advice wherever possible to people aged 15-24;
  • increase awareness of the risks of unprotected sex amongst the target local population through general promotion of the service;
  • improve primary care capacity and offer a choice to clients requiring chlamydia treatment; and
  • reduce the numbers of undiagnosed chlamydial infections in young people to help reduce the incidence of its complications.

The Provider will supply of Azithromycin tablets to people 16-24 inclusive via Patient Group Direction (PGD). This service is for clients who do not undergo screening for chlamydia; it is for treatment only. 

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Providers are requested to undertake the sexual health in pharmacy module by the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE).

They can also complete a seminar on ‘Chlamydia Infection’ offered by Nottingham University Hospitals Sexual Health Services.


This service is available in the Nottingham City area only.